FIC 2015 Editorial

FIC 2015 has lived up to expectations! With more than 4,300 participants from 78 countries, it has reaffirmed its status as an international meeting of men and women who place cybersecurity among the conditions that must be met for digital society to flourish. During two days, here in Lille, political leaders, manufacturers, academics and legal, security and defence professionals have rubbed elbows. The FIC’s slogan could very well be « Breaking down the barriers to sharing ». Each participant has had a hand in its success. The main ideas emerging from the debates are certainly the fruits of speakers’ reflections, but they are also the products of a participatory exchange with the public. This much is clear from the unprecedented number of tweets recorded this year. Our partners, which grow more numerous with each edition, are also responsible for the event’s success. We are grateful to them for their trust! Cybersecurity cannot grow without a genuine public–private partnership. It depends on the existence of a powerful, innovative industry fabric that ensures our individual and collective security and sovereignty.

This glowing report is not issued without full awareness that there is room for improvement. Your remarks and suggestions will be taken into account to better meet your expectations for next year’s Forum. The entire FIC team is already gearing up for it. The themes will be rich and relevant. Some are recurring, while others will arise from new sources and types of conflict in cyberspace. There is no progress in digital transformation without security, and there is no security without liberty. This is the common thread of our activities.

The 8th FIC will focus on data, an asset worth protecting. At a time when the cloud, big data, the Internet of Things and so on are growing at a healthy clip, personal data, meaningful data, data that falls under intellectual property and the data on which defence and security depend must be given special attention, because they are a prime target for predators of every stripe. The FIC will continue throughout the year, at Observatories, in the newsletter and at the many events that are organised and to which members of the « FIC community » are invited. The FIC is more than just an event. It is a « state of mind » that each and every one of you is called upon to share.

Thank you for your loyalty and your support!

Guillaume Tissier, CEIS Managing Director.
Army General (2S) Marc Watin-Augouard, Founder of the FIC.