The FIC in a nutshell

The International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC) forms part of a thinking and exchange process that aims at promoting a pan-European vision of cybersecurity and strengthening the fight against cybercrime, a priority for the European Union as stated in the Stockholm Programme for 2010–2015.

To support this process, FIC uses the following:

  • The trade show, to share knowledge and ideas, recruit and make and maintain contacts
  • The Forum, to talk with experts, gather ideas for improving professional practice and share lessons learnt
  • The Observatory, to continue exchanging views and information, explore topics in greater depth and nurture the network throughout the year


Open up the cybersecurity debate by bringing together security and risk management experts with non-specialists to enable them to compare viewpoints and lessons learnt.


Tackle cybersecurity using a strategic approach that considers operational aspects while placing emphasis on the geopolitical, sociological, legal, managerial and technological challenges related to trust in cyberspace.
Foster a partnership approach by bridging the gap between the public and private sectors.