The challenge

Challenge FIC

FIC ChallengeStaged in partnership with ACISSI and the engineer school EPITA, and sponsorship with Réseau Cyberdéfense de la Réserve Citoyenne, FIC Challenge aims to valorize, each year, forensic’s profession and defensive cyber warfare.

In partnership with And with sponsorship of Réseau Cyberdéfense de la Réserve Citoyenne Sponsor by
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Winners of Challenge EPITA:

  • 1st: Fabien Perigaud & Yorik Lesecque (EC-Council training program, Uhuru phone, Playstation 4 & Raspberry Pi)
  • 2nd: Alexandre Quint & Raphaël Jamet (Parrot AR Drone & Raspberry Pi)
  • 3st: Kjell Braden & Mariano Graziano (Withings pulse, Sega Megadrive Retrogaming & Raspberry Pi)

Winners of Challenge ACISSI:

  • 1st: Fabien Perigaud & Yorik Lesecque (EC-Council training program, Uhuru phone, Playstation 4 & Raspberry Pi)
  • 2nd: Joffrey Czarny & Nicolas Ruff (Parrot AR Drone & Raspberry Pi)
  • 3st: Boris Parat & Clément Domingo (Withings pulse, Sega Megadrive Retrogaming & Raspberry Pi)

Cyber Challenge Sogeti

FIC2015_challenges_Sogeti_logoThis year and for the first time, FIC welcome the Cyber Challenge Sogeti. This contest aims to reveal distinguish potential profils for cybersecurity.

Winners of Cyber Challenge Sogeti:

  • 1st: Fabien Sinet & Thimothé Hugot (Playstation 4)


CNIL Mentions : « Collected Information’s will be subjected to a data processing in order to record nominations for the computing challenge of the FIC 2015. Data’s recipients are the organizers of FIC 2015 according to the French “data protection law”, published on January 6 1978, modified in 2004. You can have access and rectify information concerning your data, by sending mail to contact[@]