The scientific committee

The scientific committee brings together leading figures in cybersecurity. These representatives of institutions, academic entities, legal and associative bodies are entrusted with ensuring the scientific consistency of the programme. They offer the FIC their expertise and knowledge in matters related to cybersecurity. The committee includes representatives of the following organisations:

  • French Network and Information Security Agency (ANSSI)
  • French Ministry of Defence
  • French Ministry of the Interior
  • French National Gendarmerie
  • Central Office for the Fight against Crime linked to Information and Communication Technology (OCLCTIC)
  • Corporate Security Directors Club (CDSE)
  • The Skills Forum
  • Troyes Technological University (UTT)
  • Montpellier University
  • Graduate School of Information Technology, Electronics and Automation (ESIEA)
  • CEIS
  • AEF Sécurité Globale